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Barbecue Recipes

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Most of these recipes are cooked on Kamado style grill in case it’s coal based recipe.

Chicken SatayBy PeterSatay has been influenced by Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai cuisine but its origin has been widely agreed to be the Indonesian island of Java. Satay is a meat dish that is marinated, skewered, grilled and served commonly with a peanut sauce. Recipe soon spread out to the nearby countries of Southeast Asia due to their close proximity, and the travel and trade ties that existed between these countries. Satay can be found in many Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei, and East Timor, where it has adapted to the local cooking style and ingredients, having its own distinct flavor.
Carolina Pulled PorkBy PeterGreat North Carolina recipe for pulled pork should consist of succulent, smoky meat napped in a tangy vinegar-based sauce. To streamline this often labor-intensive dish without losing out on any of the flavor, we started with a traditional pork butt roast.The moist heat of the multicooker effortlessly tenderized this tough cut.
Smoked Pork TenderloinBy PeterSmoked Pork Tenderloin recipe delivers really good results. It's easy to prepare and requires relatively short time for smoking. This meat can absorb smoke very well, it gets nice complex flavor. In our recipe we are injecting pork with liquids to keep it moist and hydrated during the entire cook.
Smoked FishBy PeterHistory The practice of smoking food has existed for many thousands of years. The exact story behind the discovery of this process is not entirely clear, but it is understood that it was one of the earliest techniques to help preserve meat and fish. Smoked fish is particularly good because fish has not much flavor therefore it can absorb smokiness very well, combined with flavors from the rub create very mouthful experience. In terms of selection of fish for this recipe, any will do but Mackerel is particularly good for smoking.
Smoked Beef SteakBy PeterPremise of this recipe is really simple, low and slow smoked steak towards the perfection. This slow process will ensure that meat is smoked to perfection and cooked to your desired level of choosing. You can use this method with nearly any type of the steak meat cut of the beef. I usually serve this over green beans.
Burger Patty SeasoningBy PeterThis is very simple seasoning recipe for the burger patty, no matter what burger are you going to cook, beef or pork, smashed or thick. The best meat is always freshly ground. Always choose a fattier meat such as beef or pork shoulder or neck. I personally prefer a "smashed" burger. Smashing the meat ensures perfect contact with the griddle surface and browns the meat to perfection.
Texas Style TurkeyBy PeterTurkey breasts is one of the most underestimated cuts. When seasoned and smoked well it can bring amazing experience to your plate. Smoked butter is the absolute start of this recipe. This recipe is easy on preparation, however requires certain skills around barbecue being able to maintain stable temperature.
Chimichurri “Sauce”By PeterChimichurri is one of those mysterious recipes where we actually have no clue how and by whom it was created. In the books that chronicle the food of Latin America written before 1991 chimichurri does not appear, except in the recipe booklet that accompanied the hardcover in the Time-Life "Foods of the World" series. The sauce seems to have come into prominence after the wave of grilling books appeared on the scene. Seems like the origins are from scilly but it't truly a speculation.

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