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Czech Frankfurt SoupBy PeterThis is a traditional and incredibly delicious czech soup with a misleading name as Frankfurt isn’t located in the Czech Republic. It comes with the taste of garlic and sweet ground paprika and sausages floating on the surface.
French Apple TartBy PeterIn French called "Tarte aux Pommes", gives you double dose of apples. It begins with a pre baked in French "Pate Sucree" which has a wonderfully crisp texture and a sweet buttery flavor. Cake is great with whipped cream or ice cream as it's not overwhelmingly sweet.
Spiced YuzuBy PeterGreat atumn beverage. It's served hot so it's great for cold evening. Recipe is built on classic hot toddy concept but instead of using plain water we use black tea, to get the drink more sturdiness and complexity. Optionally you can add any citrus fruit in to the mixture or as garnish, however as we are using Yuzu as base it's not really required.
Broccoli Leafs SoupBy PeterGreat soup recipe to make use of broccoli leaves from your garden, which are very healthy and nutritious. In supermarket you most likely won't come around broccoli leaves, best substitute for this is a whole kale head.
Homemade French FriesBy PeterFreshly made, double fried homemade french fries, can this get any better? If you haven't yet made your own fries you are missing out! I don't thinks so!
Cane’s Fried ChickenBy PeterThis recipe is trying to recreate chicken from Raising Cane's fast-food restaurant chain. This restaurant chain was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Todd Graves and Craig Silvey in 1996.
Negroni SbagliatoBy JúliaNegroni Sbagliato recipe is more on the bitter side, so be warned, or if you have sweet tooth add some simple sirup in to drink, or even honey would work very well. Sbagliato means mistaken, false or wrong in Italian. Legend has it that the drink was created by mistake when, a few decades ago a bartender at Milan’s Bar Basso making a Negroni grabbed a bottle of prosecco instead of a bottle of gin.
Osaka OkonomiyakiBy PeterThis version of the okonomiyaki recipe comes from the Japanese city of Osaka where this dish is a famous street food delicacy. The basis is freshly cut cabbage into strips, or you can also use romaine lettuce, it is important that it is crunchy. Eggs and flour form a dough, it serves as a glue that holds the entire pancake together after cooking.

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