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Articles about various techniques, ingredients, meat cuts and other culinary topics.

  • Carbon & Cast Iron Pan

    Carbon & Cast Iron Pan

    Historically, cast iron cookware is used in the Europe since middle ages and still sought for, especially with induction.

  • Leidenfrost Effect

    Leidenfrost Effect

    In order to get food sticking less to the surface is to achieve Leidenfrost effect, getting pan to the correct temperature.

  • Stainless Steel Pan

    Stainless Steel Pan

    There can be multiple types of the stainless steel pan. They come in various thickness and with different metal cores.

  • Pepper, The King of Spices

    Pepper, The King of Spices

    Most of us don’t give pepper a second thought, even though it’s on almost every kitchen table. So why is pepper the king?

  • Another recipe food blog?

    Another recipe food blog?

    Isn’t there enough cookbooks on internet? Do we really need another one?; is perhaps most striking question everyone has

  • Czech meat cuts vs US

    Czech meat cuts vs US

    Great visual help if you are trying to match Czech meat butchering style with the US style of butchering.

  • Road to perfect Espresso

    Road to perfect Espresso

    This article describes basic variables which are to be respected and perfectly balanced when brewing espresso.

  • Sous Vide Cooking times

    Sous Vide Cooking times

    Cooking times for the sous vide method. Table contains temperature, length of the cooking and achieved results.

  • Sous Vide Cooking & Storing

    Sous Vide Cooking & Storing

    General safety instructions for safe sous vide cooking of the meat. Contains pasteurization and storing guidelines.

  • Pressure & Slow cook Time Chart

    Pressure & Slow cook Time Chart

    Food cooking time chart for my manual pressure cooker. Be aware that those times might not be applicable with your pressure cooker.

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