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Pressure & Slow cook Time Chart

My personal instapot cooking times chart for slow & pressure cooking method with achieved results. I’m updating this table periodically.

Pressure Cooking

Below is the chat for individual food types cooking time with Sage Fast Slow Pro pressure cooker:


Vegetable / Water / ResultTime / Pressure / Release
Chickpeas (flash soaked) / (1:2) / (firm texture)35min / 80kpa / NR
Rice (rinsed) / (1:1 1/2) / TBA2min / 50kpa / AP
Yellow Peas Halved (flash soaked) / 250g: 700ml / (mashed)20min / 80kpa / AQ
White Beans (rinsed) / (1:2) / (soft)45min / 80kpa / NR
Black Beans (flash soaked) / (1:3) / (saucy with texture)50min / 80kpa / NR 20min
NR – Natural Release, AP – Auto Pulse, AQ – Auto Quick


Meat / Water / ResultTime / Pressure / Release
Chicken Breast / (min) / (dry)5min / 50kpa / AP
Chicken Tights (fronzen) / (100ml) / (mediocre)22min / 80kpa / AQ
Eggs8min / 80kpa / AQ
NR – Natural Release, AP – Auto Pulse, AQ – Auto Quick
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Slow Cooking

Below are charts for Sage Fast Slow Pro – Slow cooking function:

Meat / Water / ResultTime / Temperature
Beef Ribs with Bone / – / (Falling Apart)11h / low
Chicken Spare Parts 750g / (stock)7h 30m / low
Beef Neck / (Falling Apart)12h / low (overnight)
low: 180F-190F, high: 200F-210F

Manual Pressure Cooker

Below is the chat for individual food types cooking time with Manual Pressure Cooker. My pressure cooker is a classic, manual one.

Chicken20-24 minutes
Lamb – Calf12-15 minutes
Chicken – Turkey22-28 minutes
Pork with Skin15-20 minutes
Pork without Skin9-12 minutes
Beef20-30 minutes
Onion3-8 minutes
Cabbage2-8 minutes
Potato4-11 minutes
Spinach4 minutes
Cauliflower5-8 minutes
Mushroom3-8 minutes

Below instructions manual for my pressure cooker. Unfortunately not in the English language.

Time chart for the other types of food:

Shrimps8 minutes
Cod14 minutes
Lobster5 minutes
Trout2 minutes
Pear3-6 minutes
Peach2 minutes
Apricot2 minutes
Apple1-2 minutes

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