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Another recipe food blog?

Isn’t there enough recipes on internet? Do we really need another cookbook?; is perhaps most striking question everyone has, but for me it has really easy answer. No, we don’t need another one, and this one is not special by any means. I don’t explain every detail of the recipe and by any means i’m not trying to be original with the recipes.

recipes cookbook kuchařka

Reasons for me to create this cookbook was entirely personal. I love to cook and also I like to eat good and healthy food but I don’t want to spend eternity in kitchen. Following food blogs and recipes from others works but it’s not at all efficient for me as I tend to experiment, combine and modify recipes a lot so they deliver to my satisfaction and food standards i have. This all get’s lost if you don’t note it down.

Solution for this problem was simple. Instead of using an ancient technology of pen and paper, I have created my own website. Here I draft, edit and finally publish recipes which I made and are worthy making again. This is a practical cookbook, directions in the recipes are rather simple, for more advanced home cooks with some kitchen experience. Unfortunately, I don’t have luxury of time to explain the basics nor need to document them for myself. Long recipe directions are also not particularly practical for me as it’s hard to keep track in it during the recipe execution.

So if you are more experienced cook and you are looking for recipes which are proven, with simple instructions then you are on the right place. Recipes which I publish here are always trying to respect their cultural background. I strive to deliver as much quality as it’s possible considering time and other constraints of a home cook.

Recipes on this page evolve further with me and knowledge I gather during my cooks. I tend to modify or change recipes if I find new procedure or technique which I was not aware of. You might also notice that I don’t cook one particular cuisine. Over summer I enjoy pizza and grills outside. Winter season i’m rocking the inside kitchen and my pressure / slow cooker or sous vide cooking. Cookbook recipes on this site are structured and designed to quickly find and execute recipe according to technique or ingredients. Special care went in to meat taxonomies, which is technique agnostic, and categorizes recipes based on the type of meat used in the recipe.

There might be mistakes in my recipes and I appreciate insight and suggestions of each and everyone of you. So I wish you happy cooking with or without me!

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