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Smoked FishBy PeterHistory The practice of smoking food has existed for many thousands of years. The exact story behind the discovery of this process is not entirely clear, but it is understood that it was one of the earliest techniques to help preserve meat and fish. Smoked fish is particularly good because fish has not much flavor therefore it can absorb smokiness very well, combined with flavors from the rub create very mouthful experience. In terms of selection of fish for this recipe, any will do but Mackerel is particularly good for smoking.
Osaka OkonomiyakiBy PeterThis version of the okonomiyaki recipe comes from the Japanese city of Osaka where this dish is a famous street food delicacy. The basis is freshly cut cabbage into strips, or you can also use romaine lettuce, it is important that it is crunchy. Eggs and flour form a dough, it serves as a glue that holds the entire pancake together after cooking.

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